Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a signed copy of one of your books?
First, thanks for asking! You can purchase signed paperbacks of all my books from my studio shop. *This is only available in the US at the moment, I’m working on setting something up for international readers.

Can I have review copy of one of your books?
Yes, if you are a legit reviewer, book blogger, librarian, media professional, or journalist you can request a digital review copy of any of my books with the exception of boxed sets and no-longer-available-for-purchase titles. Digital copies are available in mobi, ePub, or PDF format, just email your request to along with your name, what organization you represent and a website link if applicable.

Who does your covers/artwork/designs/formatting?
I do everything aside from the editing and physical printing of the books myself here in the studio.

Can I hire you to do my covers/artwork/designs/formatting?
I’m sorry I no longer offer freelance services. However, I do have a list of people who might be able to work with you on your project. Just send me an email at As well my husband Scott Aleric is available for hire for BW interior art and fantasy maps. You can contact him at

Are you really dyslexic?
Yes, I have all forms of dyslexia (audio, verbal, written) and a visual processing disorder which renders me relatively unable to read subtitles or moving text. This is why print editions of my books are formatted to be especially easy to read for my fellow visually diminished readers (those with dyslexia, farsightedness, astigmatism etc.).

Do you really type with only two fingers?
Yes, my dyslexia makes it difficult for me to type without looking at the keys. So I type while looking at the keyboard instead of the screen with the middle finger on my right hand and the index finger on my left hand. However, despite this I type extremely fast. Come visit #k8chat on Thursday evenings and you will see this in action.

Is your hair really down to you hips? Has it ever been short?
Yep, most of the time. Its length ranges from the small of my back to my lower hip. Nope, I’ve never had short hair unless you count when I was a baby.

What is that silver pendant I see in all your selfies?
It’s called a Wadjet. It’s an over 5,000 year old Egyptian symbol of one of their oldest deities. The Wadjet pendant is intended to protect the wearer in life and in death. My particular pendant was molded from those discovered in King Tut’s tomb and I have worn it nearly every day since I was 12. In a weird coincidence I was on my honeymoon in Seattle, Washington when the King Tut exhibit was there. And was even at the museum for 100 years to the day of the tombs discovery. Pretty cool, right?

What if you didn’t answer my question?
If I didn’t answer your question, feel free to email me at .