Hi everyone it’s been two months since I first mentioned the visual novel for Daemons in the Mist. This is because due to an overwhelmingly booked schedule, we pushed production back on this project by about two months. But this is what did happened in the last two months:

  • The Kindle and Nook editions of Daemons in the Mist were released.
  • The print edition of Daemons in the Mist will be coming out later this month.
  • The Visual Novel department of CWS Software (NovelEXP) now has a shiny new website.

We also decided a few things about this project:

  • After much consideration I will not be the one coding the visual novel for DITM, I will however still be the lead artist on the project and will be translating the novel text to script form.
  • We have decided to bundle the 55 chapters into 5 chapter blocks similar to how manga chapters are bundled into books.

The other cool news is that I will be chronicling the whole process of making this visual novel here in my blog. So if you want to see how a book gets made into a visual novel stay tuned.

Visual Novel Development Week 2

Most of this week was spend translating the DITM text into script form, Generating a art list of visual assets needed for the project, and deciding just how exactly, to present certain parts of the book in visual form. Since I will not be the one coding the visual novel I have to translate the text into a script to then pass along on to the coding team.

Here’s an example of what the script for a visual novel looks like.

DITM Visual Novel Script

Status at a Glance

Script: Chapter 3 complete

Art List: up to Chapter 4 complete