Due to various delays the production time of the Daemon in the Mist visual novel is taking a bit longer than expected.

Books bring worlds to life through word but translating that world into a visual medium is a whole different thing entirely. When I wrote Daemons in the Mist I never imagined that I would then have to visually create the world of The Marked Ones. It’s no easy task but I hope in the end that you will be able to enjoy a game that is just as carefully crafted as everything else you have come to expect from KatGirl Studio.

Defining a Style


Here is an early concept design for Nualla. I captured her other-earthly quality but she looked a bit too soft. Also the production team decided this anime style looked a little outdated. So I went back to the drawing board for a second go.

This was the next concept design for Nualla which got the green light.

But after a few more meetings we decided to go with this more refined design. It’s a bit more work but we only want the best for this visual novel.


With Patrick it was all about the eyes, let me tell you black brown eyes are really hard to translate into anime form.

Coming up next time

A look at defining a world, the backgrounds for the visual novel

Status at a Glance

Design: main character designs complete

Game Art: currently working on Chapter 1 art