People have been hand lettering as long as there has been writing. But in our modern age hand lettering is becoming a disappearing art form.

I had been trying to find a font for my website logo and just couldn’t find one that looked right to me. I have never been know for my penmanship skills (they are normally really bad) but when I found a page of scribbled notes I decided to try my hand at doing my own hand lettering for the site’s logo.

Here’s a little walk through on how I made my own hand lettered logo

Here is the original scan of my notes that I stared with.

Hand Lettering Step 1

I scanned the notes into Photoshop and then moved it into Painter 11 where I moved the letters around. I lowered the original scans opacity and inked a clean copy of the writing on a new layer. After the inks were done I cloned the file and took that flattened version into Illustrator.

In illustrator I utilized the live trace function and then adjested it till it looked close to what i was looking to achieve. After that I used the brush tool and eraser until I got to image you see here.

Hand Lettering Step 4

I then exported that file back into Photoshop and used layer styles to create the image below. And voila there you have it a digital hand lettered logo.

Hand Lettering Step 5