What is a favicon?

The favicon is the little logo in the address bar next to your url. Take a look at the ones on Google, Facebook and Twitter for example  It’s a great way to help your site stand out amongst many bookmarks. When you have a favicon installed, your visitors will see your favicon icon instead of the current black page graphic.

If you bookmark KatGirl Studio you will notice the favicon looks like this

How to make your own favicon?

    1. To make your own favicon, first open a graphics software like Photoshop, illustrator etc. Created a new file that 16×16 pixels in size and 72dpi.
    2. When saving your file use save for web & devices located under file. Save you graphic as a BMP, GIF or PNG with no more than 16 colors.
    3. Next download Infranview if you don’t already have it.
    4. Open your graphic in Infranview and save it as a ICO and name it favicon
    5. Next download the FileZilla Client or use another piece of FTP software (what you use to upload files to your website). Log on and drag/upload these two files favicon.gif (or whatever file format you created) and favicon.ico onto your website.
    6. Lastly you need to add the following code to the <head> tag of your html : <link rel=”SHORTCUT ICON” href=”http://www.yoursite.com/favicon.ico”>
    7. If you are using WordPress log in to you WP Admin go to your Theme Options > Integration and add the above code to the <head> section. And hit save at the bottom.
    8. You are now finished. Your favicon is now viewable to everyone who isn’t using a really old browser. It should be visible to you the next time you open a browser.