This morning four boxes of these arrived at the studio over a week ahead of schedule! So the first thing I did—after unboxing them and posting a Vine vid of it for you all to join in the fun—was hop on Amazon and see if the print listing was live. Sure enough, it was there in all it’s shiny awesomeness complete with a Look Inside feature. So now all you paper book lovers can have the tactile reading pleasure of having your very own copy of TSBYE in your hot little hands =^.^=

Sometimes love is simple. Sometimes it is destined. But sometimes it is all-consuming and unavoidable, and no matter how tightly you hold on, it slips through your fingers. And you can only watch helplessly as what you want more than anything in the world, becomes someone else’s.

No matter how far you run
you can never escape your past.

Travis Centrina has just been given the one thing he thought he could never have again—the little brother he thought was dead. But it’s come at a heavy price, because Patrick’s about to marry Nualla, Travis’ best friend. The girl he can’t live without. The girl he’s positive is his One. And even as he’s trying desperately to put his feelings for her aside, his past seems to mock him with what might have been...and he’s not sure how long he will be able to resist.

But as the secrets of Patrick’s past start to surface, Travis may have to deal with the very real possibility that the people he loves may be in more danger than he feared, because some memories are better left forgotten.